Kyle Brashers

Philadelphia Photographer

My approach to photo

The primary skill of a photographer is awareness. It affects every aspect of a photoshoot, the needs of client, the timing of the moment, the comfort of the subject and the corresponding creative rapport. Practicing strong awareness means presence and that lets us focus on what’s important. Attention to detail matters.

The secondary skill is the ability to command and control light. To use the ambient for natural, to shape artificial with flash, and to understand the link between camera and technique. To be able to do so quickly, reliably, and consistently no matter the lighting situation or conditions. This is the domain of performance, and what makes a professional.

Finally third is the application of the principles of art & design. The balance of color, the contrast of the sky, all the feelings and emotions that images evoke in us. Designing concepts and planning photoshoots are just as important as applying sound creative techniques. Creatively telling a story through a image is why I love photography.

These are the foundations that define the approach I take to my work.